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A week in Xi’an (4) Traffic!

Posted by celiahukins on 04/04/2013

The number of cars in Xi’an has increased enormously over the last few years. Crossing the road at ground level is a challenging experience, although 4 year olds stand calmly as cars drive within inches of them.
Crossing the road


However, the bicycle is still a popular mode of transport.

Just a few impressions of Xi’an from my visit last October…


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A week in Xi’an (3) Morning in the park

Posted by celiahukins on 04/04/2013

The park is busy with morning activities; groups practise tai chi and martial arts
tai chi
Martial arts
A path sweeper takes a rest and listens to the music coming at him from all sides
path sweeper

Fishing is a popular pastime; there are plenty of fish in this special fishing area
We sit by the lake and watch the world go by
Duck boat

Coming out of the park by another gate we find a market where people buy food for lunch
meat stall
Vegetable stall
Vegetable sellers
We stand back to let the Amazon delivery through
Amazon delivery
As we walk through the park later it’s peaceful and all the exercisers have gone

Outside the park students eat tasty looking snacks at a stall, but with our Western digestive systems we daren’t risk it
Food stall

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A week in Xi’an (2)

Posted by celiahukins on 04/04/2013

In a shopping centre we met these 2 little girls who said “Hi, hello”, and then “Nice to meet you. Goodbye” with a very good English accent. They were pleased to let me take their photo before they ran off.
Chinese girls

There are several pagodas in Xi’an. After a while it is hard to remember which one is which. After climbing to the top up ever narrowing flights of stairs you get a good view of the city.
On this day we could see the mountains, which is unusual.

There were views over the fountains below, which we saw from ground level later, sitting in the sun on a pleasant afternoon.

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A week in Xi’an (1)

Posted by celiahukins on 04/04/2013

I arrived in Xi’an on a dusty Saturday afternoon in October 2012. The dust was blowing in from the surrounding countryside.

The city walls surround the town

City walla
In the morning under the walls people practise various forms of tai chi and other exercises.
Tai Chi
Tai Chi
including table tennis
Table tennis

There is music too

People bring their canaries to get some fresh air
And again there is music

The street sweeper is busy
Path sweeper

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