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Saint Fulcran’s festival

Posted by celiahukins on 17/05/2012

I’ve written about St Fulcran’s festival before . It’s a mixture of religious and secular events. The picture above shows his relics being taken in procession around town on the Sunday morning.

The Pastaires and Tastaires were out in force.

St Fulcran was the Bishop of Lodève in the 10th century and has a cathedral dedicated to him.
As well as the Sunday procession, there is a procession with majorettes on the Saturday evening.

The majorettes performed some interesting dances.

On the Friday evening a band played on the stand on the tree in SuperU car park. This seemed like a good use for the stand: we had wondered why it was there. The white thing you can see up there is the Easter Bunny, which replaced Santa and his reindeer.

The festival has continued with a flea market and a flower market. The fair has been open all week. On Saturday there will be a firework display.


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May flower festival in Lodève

Posted by celiahukins on 14/05/2010

It’s the week of the Saint Fulcran celebrations in Lodève. I wasn’t here for the procession, which I saw last year, but I did get to the flower market, which was one of the many events in a week of festivities. And the fair was popular as well.

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Lodeve night life

Posted by celiahukins on 11/06/2009


Saturday evening
I may have given the impression that Lodève is a sleepy place where nothing happens. Not so; there are many musical events, of which more later, and May is very busy with the Feast of St Fulcran. St Fulcran was the bishop of Lodève in the 10th century and has a cathedral named after him. His feast day occasioned a range of celebrations including a fair, a Saturday evening secular procession (left) and a Sunday morning religious procession (below) where his relics are taken round the town.
Sunday morning St Fulcran's relics

On Sunday all the local small businesses had stands on the streets, including the organic shop who was offering free wine and my friend Rachel, who wrote the book the Fast guide to Lodève, promoting her husband’s glassware. Other attractions included a snail stall and a buvette run by La House Café. Later in the week there was a large vide grenier (flea market) in the streets of Lodève.
And of course there was the fair with the dodgems and all the usual attractions, siphoning off all the teenagers’ money (or rather, as I understand it, their parents’ money).

The cultural activities continue, with a Bonnard exhibition at the art gallery for the summer and of course the Voix de la Mediterranée poetry festival in July. This year Jane Birkin will be there.

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