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Lodève watercolours

Posted by celiahukins on 06/04/2015


I haven’t been active on this blog for a while but I have been busy doing other things. My English friend Janet is hosting an exhibition in Lodève, opening on 16 April at L’Art en Poche. If you can’t make it then, you can see some of her paintings here

Since January I have been recording the walks of the walking group here. The site is now becoming a useful reference; you can check for example for type of walk or points of interest.

Maybe I’ll post some more soon…


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14 July celebrations

Posted by celiahukins on 03/08/2013

Suddenly Lodève comes alive in July. Everyone turned out for the 14 July parade; we watched it from a café with a couple of beers.
As usual there were bands and dancers from various places, including this year Macedonia, Bulgaria and Croatia. We particularly enjoyed the band from Martinique who were great fun and had an excellent sense of rhythm.
Then we joined in the repas communale on the Esplanade, with aligot, sausage, and acceptable red wine for 3 euros a litre.

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Spring time in Lodeve

Posted by celiahukins on 04/04/2013

Lodeve view
So long without the blog – had you forgotten about me? Since we moved here full time in January our days have been filled with visits to various Lodève establishments, including the Mairie to try to register with the French Sécurite Sociale, and to the insurance company to top up our health insurance. We tried to get our English car taxed in France but in the end found it was easier to take it back to the UK and leave it there. We’ve had to provide a translation of our English birth certificates (you can at least do it on line, but need to have a certified translator at 40 euros a go). When will we get our carte vitale? Who knows?

Yesterday morning we got one step nearer to la vie francaise by registering with a local doctor. We have an appointment next week. The duty was made more pleasant by the fact that it was a bright sunny morning and everywhere trees were coming into bud.
There has been heavy rain over the last few months; the rivers are full.

A coffee in the sun is always a good idea.

Café Azarin

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Summer in Lodève – les Nocturnes

Posted by celiahukins on 07/12/2012

Paye ton Schtreimel
Apologies for the lack of blog – I’ve been travelling – hope to post about that soon. Anyway it’s good to look back to the summer as we sit by the fire.

On Tuesday evenings we enjoyed the Nocturnes de Lodève, with open air performances by various musicians. It was pleasant to sit in the Square Georges Auric, just outside the art gallery, and listen to music as it got dark. Usually there was a welcome freshness in the air, a relief after the heat of the day.

Here are Paye ton Schtreimel, a group of students from Lille University who entertained us with their take on Yiddish songs.

Earlier on Tuesday evenings there was the Marché du Terroir, where locals sell their home grown fruit and veg and the lady from Pégairolles sells her excellent goats cheese.

marché du terroir

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Voix de la Méditerannée

Posted by celiahukins on 25/09/2012

Sunday potes
No sooner had one lot of festivities ended than another began. (Alas the blog couldn’t keep up). I’ve never been in Lodève for the Voix de la Mediterraneée before. The town becomes a different place; streets are taken over by bookstalls.
Book stalls

You can catch artists and performers at various spots around the town. I particularly enjoyed “Garcon un café” where poetry readings were held at different cafés.

Bar des Halles

In the evenings the Place du Marché came alive, with stalls selling moules frites, organic wine, food from other nationalities – something for everyone. There were free performances from acrobats and tightrope walkers.

Later on our way back home we stopped by the banks of the Soulondre to enjoy the evening air and listen to yet more musicians. Sorry I’ve no more photos but take a look at the Voix website to see the variety of entertainments on offer.

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Summer in Lodève – fete nationale

Posted by celiahukins on 04/09/2012


Suddenly it’s September, and I’m seriously behind with the blog, due in part to the heat which made sitting in the shade of the olive tree the most attractive thing to do.

Looking back, it was a busy summer in Lodève – and I wasn’t been there for all of it. However I was there for the 14th July celebrations. There were the usual processions round the town with the Réveil Lodevois, and also bands from other countries such as Bulgaria.

My camera didn’t work too well for the evening celebrations, but here’s a photo of les Glorieuses Minettes de Roujan, one of many participants in the procession.
Minettes de Rougan
And what happened next? I’ll try to blog some more soon.

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Goodbye May

Posted by celiahukins on 02/06/2012

Could May be the best month? The tourists haven’t yet arrived in force, the mornings are cool and fresh and the nightingale sings. By lunch time it’s nearly 30 degrees and definitely rosé weather.

Saint Fulcran’s festival is over. Unfortunately there was heavy rain for the fireworks display; the fireworks worked but the electrical system for the band didn’t, so there was no music. A return to normality then? Well no. Next the circus arrived, with much hooting of horns from the lorries. Once again there was no parking on the Esplanade, and as ever all the other spaces fill up and you are condemned to circuits of the one way system hoping to find some-one leaving a space. OK – maybe best to leave the car at home, but often I need it to go to other places as well.

Afterwards it’s good to return to the peace of the garden.

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Saint Fulcran’s festival

Posted by celiahukins on 17/05/2012

I’ve written about St Fulcran’s festival before . It’s a mixture of religious and secular events. The picture above shows his relics being taken in procession around town on the Sunday morning.

The Pastaires and Tastaires were out in force.

St Fulcran was the Bishop of Lodève in the 10th century and has a cathedral dedicated to him.
As well as the Sunday procession, there is a procession with majorettes on the Saturday evening.

The majorettes performed some interesting dances.

On the Friday evening a band played on the stand on the tree in SuperU car park. This seemed like a good use for the stand: we had wondered why it was there. The white thing you can see up there is the Easter Bunny, which replaced Santa and his reindeer.

The festival has continued with a flea market and a flower market. The fair has been open all week. On Saturday there will be a firework display.

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Oysters at Lodeve market

Posted by celiahukins on 04/05/2011

As ever the Saturday morning market calls. Fortunately it’s not raining as it was last week. A quick tour of the stalls (local strawberries, asparagus, broad beans – you know the sort of thing) and it’s time for the local tradition of a pichet of white wine at the Bar des Halles, with oysters from the oyster stall just outside.

All the usual people come and go at the café; a chance to have one of those long philosophical discussions with Paul, fuelled by more wine and a second dozen oysters. At 2 pm the tables are cleared away and the cleaning van comes round – goodbye until next week.

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More Lodeve night life

Posted by celiahukins on 20/07/2010

Now that Summer is here Lodève becomes a different place, the cafés and restaurants full of people, the Petit Sommelier taking up more and more of the Place de la République. So night life means a lot more than the occasional events such as processions for St Fulcran which I’ve written about before.
A new initiative this year is the Nocturnes de Lodève on Tuesday evenings; the art gallery is open until 10 pm, the Marché du Terroir continues until late. For the first of the Nocturnes we went to Le Minuscule. It’s nearly 3 years since Gisela opened her café. I went there not long after it first opened and have been going there from time to time ever since. The star of the evening was Jeanne Santos, a Minuscule regular who had just returned to Lodève. Unfortunately I couldn’t get my camera to work for her and only managed a picture of an accordionist who passed by when Jeanne had finished. His rendition of Auld Lang Syne was not appreciated. Gisela has a programme for the rest of the summer; unfortunately I won’t be there.

Of course Lodève is very busy at the moment with the poetry festival, but as usual for July I’m in the UK.

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