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Autumn already!

Posted by celiahukins on 07/12/2012

Olives and chanterelles
In October chanterelles appeared in the market, and we picked the green olives.
One sunny Thursday morning we went on a walk from La Bastide des Fonts, a village on the plateau near the Buddhist monastery. (Here’s a map)
La Bastide des Fonts
Catching up with the blog – more soon!


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Puces d’Art at Salasc

Posted by celiahukins on 02/11/2011

The annual Puces d’Art (flea market) at Salasc, on the slopes near Lac du Salagou, takes place in early October The local artists offer their works for sale before the winter sets in and the tourists are gone.

The sun occasionally lights up the hills around. In a day or two the warm weather will return, but for now the wind is cold and the coffees from the coffee stall are very welcome.

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October days

Posted by celiahukins on 26/10/2011

I’d planned to keep up with the blog but was frustrated by problems with a new internet box (Why didn’t I keep the old one? Do we really need internet TV?) As I write this the weather is autumnal and it has rained for the first time since I’m not sure when. Earlier in October we had lots of sunshine and it was a great time for my favourite Muscat grapes. The man at Lodève market was starting to pack up his stall and sold me all these grapes for 2 euros.

Now it’s Autumn it’s time for the vin nouveau, with various events round and about. I was invited to an aperitif at the local wine shop to celebrate the primeur. The invitation said 7.00, but we had to wait for 45 minutes until the manager arrived before we could have a glass of wine. “Only in Lodeve” people muttered. The nibbles when we finally got to eat them were enjoyable, the primeur perhaps not one of the best – too fruity with not enough body, in myopinion.

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Autumn colours

Posted by celiahukins on 03/11/2010

Every day the colours change slightly, and there are patches of red and gold everywhere.

There are the usual attractions to compensate for the end of summer; roasted chestnuts, of course the vin primeur, and all sorts of fungi – chanterelles, girolles, trompettes de mort. On sunny days with no wind we sit in the sun.

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