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Posted by celiahukins on 24/07/2013


As the weather gets hotter the mojito makes a very refreshing drink.

This is my recipe:
Place the limes, mint and sugar in a highball glass and “muddle” them with the end of a rolling pin. Add ice and pour over the rum (not too much if you have things to do afterwards). Add soda water to taste and serve in a highball glass with a sprig of mint.
Of course there is more on Wikipedia


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Spring colours

Posted by celiahukins on 23/04/2013

I thought I posted this in April, but apparently I didn’t – sorry!
You’ve got to hand it to Mother Nature (aka the Gardener). She does go for some good colours. Even if it’s a dull chilly day there is something to cheer you up.
The bank

As ever the weather is changeable. Hot sunny days alternate with cooler ones when the wind blows. For several weeks the market has been in danger of being rained off, and it is good to come back to the warmth of the house and light a fire.

But the colours are still there
small plant
and the vegetables are dong well…
veg patch

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Summer mornings

Posted by celiahukins on 30/07/2012

morning garden view
As it’s hot in the daytime, mornings before 10 am are the best time to be around – and the birds think so too. We have recently discovered a golden oriole in our garden – sorry no photo but here’s a link to its page on the RSPB website On a walk someone pointed out its song out to me – described by RSPB as a fluting whistle – and then I realised that that was what we were hearing in the garden. The next day the oriole showed itself. Presumably it had been there all along but we hadn’t known what to look for.

The nightingales are quiet now, and the birds no longer wake me at 5 a.m., but the cicadas chirp fiercely. The black redstart is still around.

And if you’re up in time it’s good to have a walk above Lac du Salagou.


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Another visitor

Posted by celiahukins on 13/07/2012

I found him doing circuits of the pool, unable to find a way out.
frog in pool

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Lazy days

Posted by celiahukins on 10/07/2012

Sleepy cat
As the weather gets hotter there’s a good excuse for laziness. I have my favourite shady spots around the garden but the cat has his too…
evening cat
However the butterflies enjoy the sun
butterflies on lavender
But some people take refuge indoors

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