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MIchel Butor in Lodeve

Posted by celiahukins on 01/09/2013

Michel Butor
Who is Michel Butor? When I heard he was going to be the chief guest at the poetry festival I thought his name sounded familiar. Then I remembered. In the 1980s I had read a book of his set in Manchester, which was where I then lived. He called the place Beston and had written the book when he was a lecturer at Manchester University in the 1950s.

L'emploi du temps
As well as his novels and poetry, he has written about philosophy, art, literature, and the theory of music among other things. His work is much too complicated for me to discuss here, so I refer you to this report from March this year.
I enjoyed an evening presentation in the Jardins de la Megisserie
Butor at the Megisserie
In his morning sessions in the peaceful garden behind Horizons Intérieurs he told us about his life now.
Waiting for Micgel
I’m not sure what the cats and rabbits thought about it.
Still waiting
Still waiting


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Books on the Languedoc

Posted by celiahukins on 09/09/2010

Ever since we started thinking about having our house built and bought our plot of land, we’ve enjoyed reading about the Languedoc – mainly in English at first, although now we have found good books in French about local cuisine and walks.

True to my librarian principles, I’ve built up a collection in the house. (There’s a list on Amazon) We were particularly inspired by people’s accounts of their experiences, even if we discovered later on that the stories weren’t always exactly true, as in the case of Patrick Moon . Rupert Wright’s Notes from the Languedoc was a useful introduction to the background of the area. We enjoyed Angela Murrill’s Hot sun cool shadow on her experiences in the Languedoc, complete with recipes. Oh and of course Graham Robb’s Discovery of France which inevitably refers to the Languedoc.

There are many novels and stories set in the area, emphasising its remoteness, character and history. To select a few – Ian McEwan’s Black dogs, A.S. Byatt’s Elementals Kate Moss’s Labyrinth, and more recently Rose Tremain’s excellent Trespass

We’ve a good collection of books on walks too, but I’ll return to that later.

And now the books are supplemented by the blogs. Two I enjoy are those of Angela Murrill and Chez Loulou

You can find an index to all the books in the house on librarything

Chez Hukins

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