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Looking for vultures

Posted by celiahukins on 26/07/2013

we did


On a day before it got hot (seems like it has been hot forever) we drove up to the plateau to look for vultures. My friends had been there before and seen a dozen or so; unfortunately this time we only saw two (probably the same one twice). Our walk took us past a field of sheep, with a shepherd watching them. We were not far from Roquefort, home of the famous cheese, so that is probably where their milk would go.

More sheep
We parked at La Jasse du Larzac, on what was the main road to the south before the viaduct was built. Although Millau itself is still flourishing after the bridge has bypassed it, the restaurant at La Jasse has now closed, probably due to lack of custom although it is claimed there are “problèmes techniques”.
We had a good view down towards Millau town and the viaduct, which always looks different every time I see it because the light is never the same.


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