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Tour de France in Pézenas 2013

Posted by celiahukins on 12/07/2013

For various reason we’ve missed the Tour in other years when it has passed through our area. However this time it passed through Pézenas on its way from Montpellier to Albi so it was an opportunity too good to miss. I’d seen it once before a long time ago when I was staying with a French family, so I knew there wouldn’t be much of a chance to see the cyclists as they zoomed past.
Of course one of the best things about the Tour is the caravane which comes round with the various sponsors handing out goodies – Vittel, Haribo, Belin. There is a happy family atmosphere.
This is what I got – I didn’t get much as I was neither an old lady (they sit down) or a young one, and didn’t have any children with me. The young lad next to me who looked slightly shall we say mentally challenged did very well – good for him!
After the caravane there was just time for lunch before the cyclists arrived. I joined the crowd outside the Tourist Office.

And then suddenly the excitement increased. Here they come …
Here they are
And then they’re gone and that’s it. Sorry if you expected any better photos – I’m not a professional photographer!
You can see more at letour.fr


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