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A week in Xi’an (2)

Posted by celiahukins on 04/04/2013

In a shopping centre we met these 2 little girls who said “Hi, hello”, and then “Nice to meet you. Goodbye” with a very good English accent. They were pleased to let me take their photo before they ran off.
Chinese girls

There are several pagodas in Xi’an. After a while it is hard to remember which one is which. After climbing to the top up ever narrowing flights of stairs you get a good view of the city.
On this day we could see the mountains, which is unusual.

There were views over the fountains below, which we saw from ground level later, sitting in the sun on a pleasant afternoon.

One Response to “A week in Xi’an (2)”

  1. The pagoda would be DaYanTa, or Big Wild Goose Pagaoda located near South Lake (Nan Hu). The first photo is looking south and the second is looking north. You had an excellent clear day to be up there!

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