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Voix de la Méditerannée

Posted by celiahukins on 25/09/2012

Sunday potes
No sooner had one lot of festivities ended than another began. (Alas the blog couldn’t keep up). I’ve never been in Lodève for the Voix de la Mediterraneée before. The town becomes a different place; streets are taken over by bookstalls.
Book stalls

You can catch artists and performers at various spots around the town. I particularly enjoyed “Garcon un café” where poetry readings were held at different cafés.

Bar des Halles

In the evenings the Place du Marché came alive, with stalls selling moules frites, organic wine, food from other nationalities – something for everyone. There were free performances from acrobats and tightrope walkers.

Later on our way back home we stopped by the banks of the Soulondre to enjoy the evening air and listen to yet more musicians. Sorry I’ve no more photos but take a look at the Voix website to see the variety of entertainments on offer.

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