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Goodbye 8 a huit

Posted by celiahukins on 03/09/2012

<8 a huit
The huit a 8 is no more. For many years it has been a focal point of life in Lodève. Here’s a photo of it with St Fulcran’s relics going past at the annual procession on May. Of course the annoying thing was that the shop wasn’t open from huit a 8 at all, but closed for lunch and maybe opened later than 8.00 am, and closed at 7.30

The shop has been replaced by a Carrefour Express – the layout inside the shop inevitably the same as there is only a small space, but of course different merchandise. The new owners are from the Gard, north of here. I’ve only been in once or twice, but it seems more expensive; none of the cheap “Grand Jury” brands which were very reasonable. As you go in there is a cabinet with expensive aperitifs and foie gras – not quite what the Lodevois will buy.

I read in Midi Libre that Thierry the butcher from 8 and huit will continue to work there. I hope his lamb gigots are as good as they used to be; he understood about cutting thick slices for the barbecue.


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