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Summer mornings

Posted by celiahukins on 30/07/2012

morning garden view
As it’s hot in the daytime, mornings before 10 am are the best time to be around – and the birds think so too. We have recently discovered a golden oriole in our garden – sorry no photo but here’s a link to its page on the RSPB website On a walk someone pointed out its song out to me – described by RSPB as a fluting whistle – and then I realised that that was what we were hearing in the garden. The next day the oriole showed itself. Presumably it had been there all along but we hadn’t known what to look for.

The nightingales are quiet now, and the birds no longer wake me at 5 a.m., but the cicadas chirp fiercely. The black redstart is still around.

And if you’re up in time it’s good to have a walk above Lac du Salagou.


2 Responses to “Summer mornings”

  1. Alan Womack said

    Hi Celia,

    I have just found your blog and it brings back lovely memories of when Sue and I lived in Lavalette for 10 years.

    Sadly Sue died almost three years ago and I had to return to the UK. However my heart is still in France. I notice that you are about to live full time in the area and I am very jealous as we had a wonderful time there.

    Ah well, perhaps when my lottery numbers give me a substantial win I will return, until then it’s a brief holiday every now and then.

    Once again, good luck and have a happy life out there.


  2. Many thanks for your best wishes Alan.We walked through Lavalette a few weeks ago – no time to post on the blog!

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