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A recital in Lauroux

Posted by celiahukins on 24/07/2012


As ever I’m a bit behind with the blog. Before it got so hot we went too Lauroux twice – once for a Sunday afternoon concert and another time not long after for a walk. You get there on one of those narrow twisty roads that lead northwards up from Lodève.

On the Sunday afternoon Conrad Wilkinson was giving a recital in the church.
Here’s a flier for the programme

Conrad doesn’t seem to have his own web page but here is a link I found He was responsible for bring the Labeque sisters to Lodève cathedral last year – sadly nothing this year.

We thought Lauroux was such a pleasant little village that we decided to start our Thursday walk from there.

Inevitably the local dog wanted to come with us. She did very well despite her arthritic hip (don’t we all?)

The route followed country lanes with views towards the Cirque de Labeil; brilliant sunshine but not too hot.

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