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Sunday in Sete

Posted by celiahukins on 10/04/2012

I’ve written about Sète before but each time there is something different to see. It’s a working port with a good range of cafes along the canals – and also a long beach on one side which stretches as far as Agde. And of course there is Musée Paul Valéry, run by the lady who used to run the art gallery in Lodève (why did they let her go?)
On a breezy Easter Sunday we drove there with our friends for the annual Escale a Sete We parked by the railway station and after a rather chilly wait got on the free boat which took us along the canal to the main quays. We joined the crowds wandering along looking at the boats.

We saw several groups of musicians, even some bagpipes (oh no, thought we had left them behind in Aberdeen)

It was soon time for lunch at l’Amiral, where we had the 3 course 15 euro menu. We all chose soupe de poisson and moules farcies and were not disappointed. It was lucky we had booked (for 12.00) as by 12.10 people were being turned away “Vous avez réservé? C’est complet.” She should have had a recording.

After our lunch we wandered around the quays, and met some Russian sailors (average age 17). We had seen them earlier in the souvenir shops, looking for presents to take home. They couldn’t speak French so were pleased to talk to us in English. They said they would like to come back next year, but we weren’t quite sure whether that would be an official visit.

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  1. […] changes with the time of year. We were there in April for the Escale a Sete. When we went there on Monday it was definitely summer, although the temperature wasn’t too high […]

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