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Is it summer in the South of France?

Posted by celiahukins on 03/04/2012

Well not really, although for a few days recently you could have thought it was. I took this photo on the last day of March when the temperatures were in the high 20s. After a winter of drought, then bitter cold and then more drought, the trees and bushes have suffered. Ours have got off quite lightly – we have seen many dead palm trees but ours has survived. Some of the olive trees look dead, but just need severe pruning (so we are told) and some other bushes have had to be cut right back.

There is blossom on the quince trees – will they bear much fruit this year? – and the tamarisk is beginning to change colour. The birds develop new songs each day.
As I write this it is just starting to rain, but it is only a light drizzle which will not be much help for the dry ground.

One Response to “Is it summer in the South of France?”

  1. Lovely pictures, thanks for sharing! Makes me wish I was down there!

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