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A trip to the seaside

Posted by celiahukins on 19/02/2012

Last Sunday the wind was blowing but the sun was shining so we set off for the seaside. We wanted to explore a different part of the Agde headland, so we headed for the Rochelongue beach which is just to the south of the Cap. From there we planned to walk along the beach to le Grau d’Agde, where the Hérault flows out into the sea and where we could have lunch – an important part of the trip.

There was a cold headwind and by the time we got to le Grau d’Agde we were ready to retreat inside. The cafes were just beginning to open up for the season, with the prospect of half term and Valentine’s Day ahead. We quickly scanned the menus outside those that were open and decided on L’Astoria as soon as we saw it

From the 15 euro menu we had a starter of oysters and mussels, followed by dorade for him and lieu noir (pollock) for me, and then a crème caramel. We had a 50cl bottle of Picpoul de Pinet. Outside the gulls sat on the restaurant sign.

The restaurant was run by a young couple. The grandmother brought their son in to say hello. Ou est maman? he asked. After a short visit they wrapped him up warmly and the pair set off again.

After lunch it took a while to put on our layers of clothes before we could venture back outside. We strolled inland up the Hérault for a little way; this is the area where the boats are moored. Then back to Rochelongue, with the wind behind us now.

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