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Freezing February

Posted by celiahukins on 11/02/2012

Cold in Lodève as it is everywhere in Europe. But not as bad as many places in France; we don’t have any snow. At least it’s sunny although the tramontane and mistral blow. Temperatures are minus 6 at night and don’t get much above 1 degree in the day. The wood stove keeps us warm.

Out with the walking group, all dressed in layers of thermals. Although it’s windy in Lodève, there is no wind at Saint Jean de Fos, which is where we are heading. Warm enough to stand and look at the river and admire the frozen waterfalls. A view over to the Pont du Diable – unfortunately I didn’t have my camera. At the end of the walk we sit in the sun at the café in Saint Jean de Fos discussing English politics as seen by The Guardian..

In the garden everything is frozen. Robins dart around, their feathers fluffed up, looking for food.

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