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It’s January!

Posted by celiahukins on 10/01/2012

January and we’ve turned the corner. The days get longer, the sun sets behind the hill later each day – and lights up the hill earlier; this photo is of the sunrise.

Some days we sit outside in the afternoon, on others the wind is fresh and we retreat indoors. The major works on the vegetable garden are progressing.

The rivers are full after the autumn storms.

We take down the Christmas decorations and look forward to the Spring ahead.

2 Responses to “It’s January!”

  1. The wind chill must be quite something. London has the same temperatures at the moment but at least the air is still. Are your olive trees bearing up – I believe young trees are susceptible to hard frost.

    • Yes the wind is biting. But the air is dry and the sun shines so that makes it bearable! The olive trees are OK – I’m not sure how old they are but they were well established when we bought the land 10 years ago. We’re not sure if all he plants will survive; the ground is frozen solid at the moment. All our bulbs were dug up by the boars in the autumn.

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