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Paris perspectives

Posted by celiahukins on 30/12/2011

We like to stop off in Paris on our journeys from Birmingham to Lodeve if we get the chance, and there are always new places to go. On a fresh Sunday monrning in December we climbed to the top of the hill in the Parc de Buttes Chaumont, which gives some diffent views over Paris. The Parc is popular with joggers; there are many paths and you can avoid the hils if you like.

After lunch we headed towards the Grands Magasins to see their window displays (covered in last year’s blog!), and later followed the signs in Galeries Lafayette to the roof top where we had yet more views of Paris.

In the evening we enjoyed an excellent meal at Chez Francoise, a restaurant hidden away under the Air France terminal at the Invalides. On Sunday evenings they have unlimited oysters as a starter. We managed 18 each. The next morning it was time to take the train to the South.

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