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A drive to Avène

Posted by celiahukins on 18/10/2011

Getting behind with the blog as usual. I hope to catch up soon. Here’s one to be going on with.

On a warm day in late August we drove with some friends to Lunas, which is in the hills to the west of Lodève. and then further on up into the hills to Avène. On the way we stopped for lunch at Restaurant Bourrel in Truscas (Actually this was the main reason for our outing). The clientele consisted of locals who obviously come in their lunch hour regularly, and a few people like us. We spent a pleasant lunch hour in the shade of the trees.

Here’s the exciting bit; we had the 16 euro menu which included:

2. paté
3. omelette (mushrooms or fines herbes)
4. Main course with ratatouille-
coq au vin,
roast lamb
confit de canard
5. Dessert
cheese/ tart / chocolate mousse (recommended!)
and 25 cl red wine

The restaurant is family run, overseen by the grandmother who was originally from Lodève.

After lunch we drove on to Avene, where there is a spa and a factory which produces a range of skin products. We weren’t tempted to enter but drove on past the lake, which is actually a reservoir, before heading back to Lodeve on a road with views over to the Lac du Salagou. (Sorry I’ve no photos for that!)

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