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Harley Davidson again

Posted by celiahukins on 10/09/2011

Bikes in front of the cathedral
Now back in the UK, I’m catching up on the blog posts.

Early September is the time for the Harley Davidson festival at Cap d’ Agde, and the bikers have been having a great time touring the area again. They have outings which start with breakfast in one place, lunch in another, with perhaps some entertainment afterwards, and then on to an aperitif somewhere else. The bikers paid their usual Sunday morning visit to Lodève and we watched them drive round the town. (We have seen them several times, as we’re usually in Lodève at this time of year)

We saw the usual tourists exploring the streets of Lodève. They seemed unperturbed coming upon the bikes as they looked for the Dardé memorial and the cathedral. Maybe they came away with an impression of Lodève as the motor bike capital of the South of France.

Afterwards we had a beer at the same cafe where we had sat and watched the St Fulcran procession in May.

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