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Summer outings

Posted by celiahukins on 10/06/2011

There are always new places to visit in the Languedoc. The other day we went to Aigues Mortes – about an hour and a half’s drive away. Aigues Mortes was a base for the Crusaders; Louis IX rebuilt the port in the 13th century and the 7th crusade left from there. A highlight of the visit is a walk round the ramparts, which surround the town. Unfortunately they were closed because of a strike, so after a brief stroll there was nothing else to do but have lunch. We sat at one of the cafés in the main square and ate sea bass with asparagus puree, followed by chocolate mousse, and washed down with the local white.
Feeling more cheerful we headed on to La Grande Motte. The reason for going there was that it was twinned with Hornsea where I grew up. Sure enough there was the road sign “ La Grande Motte – jumellée avec Hornsea”. The town is a 1960s creation – De Gaulle’s idea. From the air it sometimes looks impressive if the sun is shining. There were pleasant enough paths surrounded by pine trees, but the general dullness of the day reminded us of Hornsea, although at least 10 degrees warmer.


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