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Musical moments

Posted by celiahukins on 11/05/2011

I was recently fortunate to have the chance to go inside Olmet Church again; it isn’t usually open. As usual it was for a concert – I have been to several there now. They are always enjoyable and you don’t really notice that the seats are hard. This time there were a soprano, mezzo soprano and a lady with a Roland piano performing Pergolese’s Stabat Mater as well as sacred music by Bach, Vivaldi and Mozart. This was greatly enjoyed by the audience of sixty or so.
And I’ve been to the Minuscule again too – on one occasion to see Troubadelic, and on another Gisela and friends performing Brecht / Weil.

At home the birds love a bit of classical music, especially orchestral. Sometimes all I have to do is to leave the radio on with the windows open and they are inspired and start singing so much that I turn the radio off and listen to them instead.

So I suppose when people ask me “Well what do you DO in France?” I could say that I listen to the birds.

Here is a muguet des bois that I was given for May Day. I hope it survives in the garden.

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