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Montpeyroux caves ouvertes

Posted by celiahukins on 22/04/2011

Last Sunday was Montpeyroux’s Caves Ouvertes, a day when the 15 wine producers all open their doors. This is a great opportunity to discover small producers and taste their wines. The wineries are tucked away around the narrow streets. A group of ladies known as “grapillettes” do the tour of them all, reciting a verse and dancing with the proprietor. At each stop they are offered a glass of the owner’s wine. I’m not sure what their dancing would be like by the end of their tour; I was there in the morning.

The wine tasting is best done with some cheese to refresh the palate between tastings. Here’s a good place to keep your plates.

I’m not a wine expert although of course I appreciate the variety of Languedoc wines. To read more about the wines of Montpeyroux go to Taste Languedoc blog
and for Languedoc wines in general go to Love that Languedoc

3 Responses to “Montpeyroux caves ouvertes”

  1. Graham said

    I’m a bit behind on writing this up and unlike you forgot to take any photos. Seemed to have about the right attendance this year – busy but not heaving. Out of interest, were there any wines that were your particular favourites.

    • As I said, I don’t claim to be a wine expert, but I did like the wines at Puech Auger (reasonable price) and Clos de l’Aven. Yes it was a pleasant day and possible to talk to most people that you wanted to.

  2. See also Graham Tiggs’ review here

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