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Lunch at the Cap

Posted by celiahukins on 08/03/2011

You nevbr quite know what weather February is going to offer. After a few dull days towards the end of the month, one day turned out to be sunny. Although the Méteo had only promised quelqes éclaircies (sunny periods), by 9 am the sky was blue and there was no wind, so the seaside called.

It’s an easy drive to the Cap d’Agde. I drove along to the Avant Port which is at the far side of the Cap and parked in a place which is now familiar as I’ve parked there several times. From there it’s about 30 minutes each way to walk round the headland to the other side of the Cap. I was going to buy a sandwich there from a bakers I’d been to before – but of course it was closed, as were almost all the shops and restaurants. February is the month for doing up your property.

However, back at the Avant Port the restaurants were open and busy. I sat outside in the sun and had seiche a la plancha (the plat du jour) for 9 euros 50. With potatoes, ratatouille and aioli it made a very good lunch. Afterwards I sat on the beach and continued to enjoy the warmth of the sun.

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