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Christmas cheer

Posted by celiahukins on 18/12/2010

Rather a gap on the blog I’m afraid was I was back in the UK. Fortunately I made it back to France, unlike others who are stuck in the snow in the UK today. I missed the local Christmas fairs and other events, but I was able to catch up with Christmas again in Paris. My reason for a stop over in Paris was to see the Monet at the Grand Palais – and what a wonderful exhibition it was, with over 170 paintings from all stages of his work. (Sorry about the website though)

When I finally felt I couldn’t take any more Monet I was glad of some fresh air, even though it was still nippy. I walked along the Christmas village in the Champs Elysees and then through the Tuileries to the Pyramide du Louvre. After I’d had lunch in the shopping centre there, I continued my journey to Boulevard Hausmann and the grands magasins.

Grandmothers, mothers and children were out in force to see the Christmas window displays.

Sad though that another generation is being introduced to Abba – and not a nativity scene in sight!

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