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November day out

Posted by celiahukins on 15/12/2010

I’ve got a bit behind with the blog, mainly because I left this last post on my French computer and forgot to save it onto the memory stick. But here I am back in France again. And here is the post I wrote. Remember November, before all that nasty white stuff started to mess everything up?

A bright November morning, sun rising over the hill, a bit nippy and breezy. A morning for – a walk in the hills? A visit to the seaside? How about a trip to Ikea? No, it’s not as bad as it sounds. From Lodève to Montpellier it’s a pleasant drive, not too much traffic, and as you drive along you can see the hills and the shades of gold and rust autumn colours of the vineyards and fields.
Locating Ikea itself is more difficult – you turn off the A9, the signs say it’s just one minute away and you can see it just over there but the road turns in the wrong direction and the building recedes into the distance. I think I need to rethink my route; must be going wrong somewhere.
Anyway I still made it to Ikea in time for breakfast. If you get there before 11 am you’re offered breakfast for 1 euro – orange juice, croissant or pain au chocolat and a hot drink. I think they used to give you a chunk of baguette as well, but it’s still good value and sets you up for shopping.
Ikea Montpellier is at one end of my favourite shopping centre which opened about a year ago. What I like about it is that it’s all outside and there are various cafés where you can have lunch in the sun whatever the time of year. The palm trees give it a distinctly Mediterranean feel. I couldn’t find any photos which really do it justice; I shall have to try my own next time. But here is a link – not very inspiring I must admit

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