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What to do with the quince?

Posted by celiahukins on 14/11/2010

We had a good crop of quinces this year. I’ve identified some recipes for them; firstly quince paste, which goes very well with goats cheese or our local Roquefort – or you can nibble it on its own.

This year for the first time I tried

Quince compote

5-6 Quinces
100g Caster sugar
1-2 tsp Chopped rosemary leaves
Peel, core and chop the quince into 2cm dice. Put in a saucepan with the sugar and 60ml water, cover and cook on a medium heat until soft – about 35 minutes. Add the rosemary, taste and add more sugar or rosemary as needed.

I froze this in small tubs, but it disappears so quickly that maybe larger tubs would be a good idea.

Other recipes suggest adding spices such as chilli or cinnamon, but so far we have been happy with the plainer one – and we have a large bush to supply us with rosemary.

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