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More Lodeve night life

Posted by celiahukins on 20/07/2010

Now that Summer is here Lodève becomes a different place, the cafés and restaurants full of people, the Petit Sommelier taking up more and more of the Place de la République. So night life means a lot more than the occasional events such as processions for St Fulcran which I’ve written about before.
A new initiative this year is the Nocturnes de Lodève on Tuesday evenings; the art gallery is open until 10 pm, the Marché du Terroir continues until late. For the first of the Nocturnes we went to Le Minuscule. It’s nearly 3 years since Gisela opened her café. I went there not long after it first opened and have been going there from time to time ever since. The star of the evening was Jeanne Santos, a Minuscule regular who had just returned to Lodève. Unfortunately I couldn’t get my camera to work for her and only managed a picture of an accordionist who passed by when Jeanne had finished. His rendition of Auld Lang Syne was not appreciated. Gisela has a programme for the rest of the summer; unfortunately I won’t be there.

Of course Lodève is very busy at the moment with the poetry festival, but as usual for July I’m in the UK.

One Response to “More Lodeve night life”

  1. Hello,
    Thank you to speak about me. I hope see you next year.
    Friendly. Kisses Jeanne

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