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Summer walks

Posted by celiahukins on 14/07/2010

At this time of year you need to make an early start on a walk before the temperature rises to the mid 30s. Set off at 7.30, the breeze still cool. As you climb the air is fresh around you, butterflies are everywhere, and there are scents of the thyme and oregano which you crush underfoot as you walk.

We explored three new walks this time, thanks to the Randofiche published by the France Randonnées – you can’t get them online but they are available from tourist offices. On one we were able to walk from the house, and the others were only a short drive away.

One circular route started from Saint Jean de La Blaquiere; another route took us round the dry valleys near Sorbs, up on the Larzac plateau.

From the house we followed the Livre du Lodevois – a variation on a walk we have done before – which has educational boards at intervals telling you about the geography and history of the area, as well as giving you views over Lodeve towards the Lac du Salagou.

And then we did one of our usual walks in the Foret de Parlatges.

We tend to take for granted the spectacular views on these walks, and their isolation; you hardly ever meet anyone else, apart from locals who look at you in surprise and warn you about walking in the heat.

At the end of the walk a swim in the pool and a beer are always welcome.

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