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Summer aioli

Posted by celiahukins on 05/07/2010

The days get hotter and the pace of life gets slower. Now it’s July and there are traffic jams at the weekend as people start to head away for their holidays. On Saturday we invited our neighbours round for a meal. I decided to try my hand at aioli. Michelle had lent me a book which has lots of wonderful local recipes; I bought a copy of my own (from Amazon.fr, although it its hard to obtain). The essential ingredient of course is garlic, but there are many other options – should I add potatoes, how many egg yolks, what spices? I finally settled on a version with 6 cloves of garlic, 3 egg yolks (could have been 4 but I only had 3 eggs) 100 g potato puree and 25 cl olive oil. You can see the result in the photo. The yellow is due to the addition of saffron. The vegetables go with the aioli; the ham and cheese also go together as their flavours complement each other. We bought the ham and cheese from the market that morning, from a young couple who explained this to us. They told us they loved England and wished they were there (we didn’t).
We had a pleasant evening, following the aioli with barbecued gigot, cheese and peaches in Muscat (a Waitrose recipe, but acceptable anyway) and sat outside until midnight. Today it’s 33 degrees and I’m keeping cool inside with the fan on.
Note:a comment at the end of the Waitrose recipe suggests using Muscat sec and adding sugar. Now why on earth would you do that with Muscat dessert wine around everywhere?

2 Responses to “Summer aioli”

  1. Tom Hukins said

    I don’t know about Waitrose, but Tesco sell Australian dry Muscat cheaper than the dessert wine, so the suggestion to buy dry wine and add sugar might save money.

    Of course, that won’t apply to those of you in France.

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