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March in Florence

Posted by celiahukins on 24/03/2010

I’ve been following the snow around this winter, which wasn’t difficult. I had snow in Birmingham in January, which stopped my day out in London, snow in Lodève in February which kept me in the house because of the black ice on the road, and then snow in Florence in March. The snow in Florence cut short the visits to the country villages I had planned, but at least that gave me the opportunity to visit more churches and museums which were less crowded than they would have been at other times. However the cold wind which brought the snow was everywhere and the churches could be draughty, so frequent stops for hot chocolate were necessary.

What else can I say about Florence? If you’ve been then you’ll know what I mean; if you haven’t been then you should go.

And now I’m back in Lodève! Always the few hours (a day really) picking up where I’ve left off, looking for changes in the garden (although Spring hasn’t really arrived yet, just a little blossom), and finding food I’d left behind (not much this time)

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