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February sunshine at Lunas

Posted by celiahukins on 26/02/2010

And so a week goes by with the weather not quite doing what it was supposed to. Today the man came with a new dishwasher (successful) and a new French TNT satellite box (not so successful) so I spent my morning in the house with the birds making themselves heard whenever I ventured outside. In the afternoon sunshine and fresh air called, so I drove up to Lunas to find out more details of the walks I’d read about on the web. It takes about 20 minutes to drive up there, and I hit heavy rain and strong winds. However the little car did well on the sharp bends (you have to drive over the Escandorgue to get down to Lunas).

I waited for a while in the Tourist Office, which also functions as a library (ignore the notice saying you have to be quiet because it’s story time) as the assistant was busy with something else outside. I found the folder of walks I had anticipated (5 euros). “You’ll need an umbrella if you go walking today” said the assistant. “Well I probably won’t go today” I replied – but when I got outside the rain had stopped and the clouds miraculously disappeared. So I did a 4 km walk, leading up past Camel rock.

Uncharacteristically for me. I met up with a canine companion (the sort that tags along and then near the end of the walk wanders into the middle of the road) and I also walked bravely across this narrow bridge.

Lunas out of season is quiet, as everywhere round here, but I liked the look of the restaurant at the chateau.

When I took this photo a lady passing by told me the river had been much fuller (plus important) the week before, but she thought it looked prettier now.

And of course La Vierge looks down on us all.

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