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December days

Posted by celiahukins on 07/01/2010

It has been a busy few weeks, with little time to write. It wasn’t helped by the delays on our journey out in December. Our Easyjet flight from Gatwick was cancelled (we had got as far as checking in) but thanks to the Internet on my laptop we were able to get a flight from Bristol to Béziers the next day with Ryanair (good old Ryanair!). It left at 6.30 and entailed a 4.30 start from the hotel in Bristol, which was why we hadn’t chosen to take that flight in the first place. Fortunately our friend Michael met us and ferried us to Montpellier, which was where I had left the car.

We finally arrived at the house to see new shades of green and brown, dead leaves remaining on the trees. A panic on Christmas Eve – no hot water! Fortunately the man who had installed our solar heating came round within 10 minutes and explained that the solar panels don’t work when it’s wet, so you have to use the override switch. I gave him some Christmas cake – I don’t know if he’ll like it.

The usual Christmas agenda of meals and walks. Boxing Day walk at the Cirque du Bout du Monde where I’d been before, then a trip to the Maurin wild life reserve where we saw flamingos and a walk by the seaside at Palavas le Flots.

David was busy in the garden and uncovered a new olive tree while clearing for his vegetable patch. His harsh pruning has been successful so far so we will see how this one develops.

We invite the neighbours round (an “English” menu of fishcakes followed by ginger trifle, with a slight concession to France for the crispy ratatouille starter). They tell us that goods at the new Intermarché which are nearly past their sell by date are reduced and go on sale when it first opens in the morning. Next day Christian duly turns up at 8.15 to take us there. We see half price butter, yoghurt, cheese, all things you can put in the freezer. We don’t buy much, as we will be leaving the house for a while and don’t want to run the risk of the freezer defrosting in a power cut. But I can see that my days in Lodève in the Spring will have a new purpose.

One of the reasons I started this blog was to bring together information about the local area. It’s often difficult to locate web sites that provide what you need, but I will keep trying.

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