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Cirque de Labeil

Posted by celiahukins on 28/11/2009

After my friends left I had to go back to the shop at le Caylar to buy some Christmas presents. We had been there at the weekend, but I wasn’t really in present-buying mode then. I decided to take the road by the Cirque de Labeil, which goes to the west of the main road up to Millau, I hadn’t been that way before; perhaps if I’d known how narrow the road was I wouldn’t have tried it. The Cirque itself is only open in the summer months, and I’m told coaches go that way then, but I’m not sure how they manage it.

The road wound up through trees with their autumn colours, with views over the rocks on occasion. Mostly I concentrated on driving and didn’t look, but when I did stop to take a photo all was still except for goat bells in the distance. I saw 2 cars along the whole route (luckily not on the narrow bits). I took a photo of Le Caylar before going to do my shopping – you can see that it was well protected against invaders – and then drove back for lunch in the sun yet again; the weather had been mild for the time of year

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