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Georges Brassens at Sete

Posted by celiahukins on 10/11/2009


As there was nothing much to do – it was too wet to garden – last week it was time for my long planned visit to the Espace Georges Brassens at Sète. Brassens was born and grew up in Sète but later moved to Paris. One of the many songs he wrote is about being buried in Sète which of course he is.
I found the Museum rather dated and the display not terribly informative. It depended on a commentary by Brassens himself which you listened to on headphones as you went round. That was probably considered innovative 10 years ago, before youtube and all the rest. His grave is in the cemetery opposite the museum (se the photo above). It was unassuming and not easy to find; there were several people looking for it. The graves were covered with chrysanthemums as this was just after All Saints’ Day when the French traditionally visit their family graves.
There is another Cemetery in Sete, also overlooking the sea but from a different angle, where Paul Valéry the poet is buried. The Musée Paul Valery is next on my list for a visit.
Here’s a bit more about Brassens on Wikipedia
– and here’s the man himself.

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