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Is this really Autumn?

Posted by celiahukins on 31/10/2009

Cap d'Agde
So I thought Summer was over. Well I was wrong. Several days with temperatures in the low 20s, the sun hot on the terrace after lunch, with no wind and everything quiet (except for the work going on at Christian and MIchelle’s house, where they are having their chimney redone).
Salon Nautique
At Cap D’Agde people were enjoying the sunshine and the Toussaint (All Saints) holiday weekend. I was there to visit the Salon Nautique; everyone in shorts and T shirts as if summer had never gone away. A wonderful selection of boats and yachts.

James Bond boat
I liked this one which looked as if it could have come out of a James Bond film. I imagined a much skinnier me in a bikini, the wind in my hair, sitting at the table with a glass of champagne, with Sean Connery at the wheel. Well at least we have managed to buy a house in the South of France, which isn’t bad; a boat would be a bit extravagant – and I still can’t swim.

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