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Goodbye Summer

Posted by celiahukins on 16/10/2009

By the pool

Since I arrived on Sunday the weather has got cooler. At first it was shorts and tee shirt weather, then the nights became cooler. Yesterday afternoon I needed a jacket walking into Lodève. We sat by the pool for the last time on Wednesday before it is closed up for the winter.

Le Grau d'Agde

We’ve enjoyed a walk by the sea at le Grau d’Agde, and one in the hills around Clermont l’Herault. At the market at Clermont we bought Muscat grapes and Chantecler apples, and also the new duck paté en croute that Tom has discovered.  The neighbours brought us their some of their new olive crop  and we’ve had the little tomatoes from the garden. The figs have just finished but I’m waiting for the rest of the quinces to ripen. No sign of pears on the pear tree this year (there was one earlier but it has gone now)

It’s good to have the house back now the renters have gone. Mostly they’re not a problem but I wonder who took the wooden coat hangers I bought from Ikea for 3 euros? Was it really worth it?
Sun lounger

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