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Summer in Lodeve

Posted by celiahukins on 24/07/2009

A poetry reading It’s high summer n Lodève now, and the Poetry Festival is in full swing. I’m not there unfortunately, but I‘ve read about it in Midi Libre . A favourite site for keeping cool during the Festival has for several years been by the Soulondre river; events are held there – you can sit with your feet in the water – and you can buy food and local produce from a range of stalls. People sit around until early in the morning enjoying the cool night air. Then when it’s breakfast time you’ll find them at the cafes around Lodève enjoying a coffee before the next day’s events begin.

We were in Lodève at the beginning of July. As the temperature climbed above 30 degrees life slowed down. Our neighbours adopt the Spanish lifestyle for the summer, having a siesta from 1 until 4 pm, and their evening meal about 9.00. This is a very good idea but not always easy for the British to get used to. It was lively in Lodève. The cafes were busy, and the tourists were out in force. At le Petit Sommelier the tables are beginning to spread across the square, but don’t extend as far as they will in the high season. We go for lunch at Pizzeria di Maori. We sit outside under an awning. They have an interesting cooling system which sends out fine sprays of water from overhead pipes at regular intervals. It’s a family owned restaurant – the grandchildren do the serving. You can have pizza, a salad, a grill or other things such as moules frites – something for everyone in fact, including the vegetarians.
We have to leave Lodève just before the 14 July celebrations. This is the time of year when I have to give up the house for the summer. I really don’t want to, but then I realise that we rely on our rental income to maintain the property, so with a sigh I give in. It’s always a last minute panic tidying up the house and trying to find a home for everything, especially when you’ve had all winter to scatter things around. Luckily the mas is a good dumping ground for all the odd things which we need to put away. When we’re back at the end of August the weather should be slightly cooler – and soon we will be able to spend our summers in Lodève!

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