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Posted by celiahukins on 06/06/2009

La Couvertoirade
This photo is cheating really; it was taken at La Courvertoirade on the Larzac plateau north of Lodève, but I think it’s appropriate to this post.

Having returned to Birmingham after 3 hectic but very enjoyable days in Paris and Giverny, I looked back on the notes I’d written below. I’d spent just over a month in Lodève, and found Paris rather a shock to the system – although the city dweller in me soon got over that. Anyway, here are my notes from my country life.

It was a busy Sunday morning in Lodève. As I got out of the car (I’m finally getting a bit better at parking it) I saw a group of people walking purposefully along. Obviously tourists – the first group I’d seen so far this year. They followed their leader to the Statue de la Vierge and listened intently, as French people must do when being given information.
Then something else disturbed the Sunday morning peace. The 8 a huit, one of the few places to open on a Sunday morning, was closed because of an “incident technique”. (I’m not sure what that was but once or twice when I’ve been in there they have had to restart the electrics, so they must be a bit dodgy.) Most people were making their way to le Petit Casino, a small grocer’s which does have good local produce anyway. It was somewhat disorganised, with the 5 or 6 people queuing up to pay taking up most of the room in the small shop, and those who weren’t locals getting quite fretful as they waited. However the shopkeeper was pleasant as ever, wishing me “Bonne journée madame” as I left, even though he didn’t have time to make small talk, such as remarks about wrapping up the strawberries so I wouldn’t eat them all on the way home.
So I got my fruit and veg but nor my oven cleaner…

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