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Sunday morning

Posted by celiahukins on 10/05/2009

Sunday croissant
A good blogger eats their food after they’ve taken the photo. I had 2 croissants, one plain, one chocolate, but was half way through the plain one before I thought of taking the photo. Anyway here’s the one I hadn’t eaten, with a tart which I’ll have for dessert this evening ( or maybe lunch time…)
I like to go into Lodève on Sunday morning to buy croissants. It’s easy to park, and when I come back the coffee will be ready. I still can’t decide who makes the best croissants. Today I went to Azarin. M Azarin has come out of retirement to run the patisserie which has a cafe attached; he was bored in retirement and suffering from depression. He is sitting outside with his wife as I arrive. They greet me – he looks happy enough (and quite young too – the French retire earlier).
It’s a rainy morning so I can take a break from gardening – and clean inside instead!

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