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Wines of the Larzac

Posted by celiahukins on 07/04/2009

Jean Jean Vineyard

I’ve cheated a bit here as this is actually a picture of the Jean Jean vineyard at St Félix de Lodez; I was there in February. More about that later, but at the moment I’m thinking of another visit.

On a sunny Tuesday morning in late March I went to the Mas Fabrégous vineyard with some friends. As we drove up the narrow twisty road to their house I got a new perspective on Soubes; I’m not used to being on the level above the houses, as usually we follow the road straight through the village and on to the Forest of Parlatges.
Corinne and Philippe live in a stone house with rooms on several levels. We look at out at the trees just beginning to come into leaf, and Corinne offers us some wines to taste. As we talk the phone keeps ringing; sometimes it is a business enquiry, but it can also be Philippe’s mother who rings rather too often. We passed her house on the hill as we drove up. The rosé wine is named after her – Le rosé de Juliette. I’ve promised to translate their leaflet into English, since the previous translation was meaningless. However it‘s not an easy task. In the original translation “les graves et éboullis caillouteux” was just translated as “stones”, which perhaps might be the best option after all.
After a taste of several of the vines it’s nearly lunchtime, which of course can’t be missed. We drive back to Lodève down the windy road. The driver has only had one glass of wine; I make a mental note that if we come back again and I’m driving I shall have to watch what I drink, or the car could easily be over the hillside. On the way down we pass cherry tress; our friends used to come and pick the cherries, but many of the trees are dead now.
My friends invite me for lunch – quiche, grated carrot and lettuce salad, followed by strawberries. A simple meal but very enjoyable.
I’m looking forward to another visit to Mas Fabrégous when I’ve finished translating their leaflet.

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