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A walk through the vineyards

Posted by celiahukins on 15/03/2009

The path Although we’ve done lots of the walks in this area, there are always more to discover. Thursday started sunny and the weather forecast was good, so I decided to go for a morning walk and come back here in time for lunch. The walk started not far away, at Popian, to the east of Clermont l’Herault. It was supposed to give you an insight into the water systems of the area; the French like to have something like that to talk about when they go on their walks. Anyway it was very pleasant, passing through vineyards with views of the now familiar local hills all around.
As I got nearer to Le Pouget it was getting nearer to lunchtime. While I had an apple with me and a bottle of water, by midday in France there is always the thought of l’aperitif and of course lunch. I wasn’t really expecting anything in Le Pouget, and in fact everything was closed as I walked round the old town. But then I went down into the more modern part and it was looking more promising (though of course I should really carry on and go back home). Then in the main street I found 2 cafés. One seemed more of a bar but across the road there was a restaurant.
Restaurant at Le Pouget
A group of people were sitting outside. I decided it was maybe a bit chilly to have lunch outside as the tables weren’t directly in the sun, so I chose a table just inside which faced outdoors. The set menu was what France is all about – egg mayonnaise followed by steak with chips and a creamy onion sauce, 25 cl of red wine, chocolate mouse and a petit déca – all for 12.50 euros (let’s not do the pounds). I spent a pleasant lunch hour. Outside women came out onto the balconies opposite to have a cigarette; they disappeared and then dogs appeared, barking at any other dogs which cam past. Finally I finished my chocolate mousse (with little bits of chocolate – very good), drank my coffee and had to move. I followed the walk instructions up the hill through some ruins and came across a spot which demanded that I stop and consider life – which I did, with the bees buzzing overhead.

The walk carried on through the vines and then I arrived at Pouzols where there were canals (or rather one canal). For someone who is part Brummie this wasn’t very exciting, but they were pretty anyway.

It was nearly four o’clock by the time I got back to Popian.
When I got back home I found the apple which I thought I had taken for a snack sitting on the work surface in the kitchen.

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